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Graduates & Interns

Our application and selection process

Our 2017 Graduate Programmes are now Open for applications! Check our programme pages for more info and to apply. 

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Our selection process is designed to ensure you are the right person for our programmes - and equally that we are the right place for you to thrive in. 

Below you will find the different steps of our application process. Also, during the process we will guide you through each step to make it easy to follow - and we'll let you know the outcome after each phase.


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Use the side arrows below to learn more about the different steps:

    • 1. Online Application

    We receive and review your online application. Early application is always recommended.

    • 2. Prescreen

    We’ll check if you’re eligible for the programme (including work permit, languages, graduation dates, etc.).

    • 2. Cultural Fit Test

    We look for people that naturally fit our culture, and this online test gives us a feel for how you’d react to situations you’ll encounter at AB InBev.

    • 4. Situational Strengths Test

    A second online test looks at your key strengths as a candidate and potential employee.

    • 5. Logical Reasoning Test

    A third and final online test understands your thinking processes and analytical skills.

    • 6. Strengths-based Interview

    In your initial phone interview, you’ll also be asked to solve a business case.

    • 7. The ABI Day - Assessment Centre Day

    A mix of group, and individual exercises, a face-to-face interview and work situational exercises. You’ll also meet some current AB InBev employees so you can ask questions about the role and company culture

    • 8. Panel interview

    Your final group interview (3-5 candidates at a time) with 3-6 panel members, with the most senior leaders at the organisation.

    • 9. Verbal Offer / You're Hired

    Whatever the result, we’ll give you feedback at this stage. If you’re a good culture fit for AB InBev, and meet the criteria needed for the programme selected, we’ll make you an offer!

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