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Graduates & Interns

Supply Management Trainee Programme. Leading by example. Never taking shortcuts.

Applications for our Supply Management Trainee Programme 2019 intake are now open.

Always improving, never settling for the status quo, Supply is essential to our business.

Covering the brewing, packaging and delivery of our goods - it's where we combine growth, service and cost to give us a competitive advantage. With a big focus on improving process and efficiencies in our breweries and logistics/supply chain.

It's also an area where we make a big difference to our impact on the environment - reducing water use, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Supply allows us to make positive changes to the way we brew and produce beer, source the ingredients, and deliver effectively and efficiently.

Supply is a choice that will build your leadership, project and general management skills. Specifically you will learn the technical and practical challenges of our business - with the opportunities to improve on what we already do well and to introduce new ways to be the best.

You will have hands on experience - making the beers we are famous for. And it is a career that will take you around Europe and potentially the world. 

What will you do during the programme?


What can you do once you've completed the programme?


Who is the programme right for?

You should graduate (before August 2019) with a Bachelor, Masters (or equivalent) degree from any of the following disciplines:

  • Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Production or Electrical)
  • Science (Bio-chemistry, micro-biology or brewing/food science)
  • Other relevant degree (Supply Chain, Logistics, Business etc.)

You'll fit in best if you enjoy working in a fast paced environment with others, you are results-driven and have undertaken some form of leadership position either inside or outside of university. You also need to be fluent in the native language of the country you wish to work in, and English, to be eligible for this programme. This programme is available in the following countries; UK, Germany, Belgium, Russia & Ukraine.

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"The journey from brewery to happy customer begins here"
Debora Sonksen, Supply Management Trainee Programme graduate.
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We are one of the world's top 5 consumer companies

We have a portfolio of over 400 international and local beer brands

Our beer is enjoyed in over 200 countries

We operate in over 50 countries

We are 200,000+ employees worldwide

We are in course of investing 900€m+ globally in changing social norms on drinking by 2025

We have reduced 21,000 tonnes of packaging since 2012