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Graduates & Interns

Debora's story

The journey from brewery to happy customer begins here.

I chose the Supply Management Trainee Programme because I wanted the opportunity to experience different areas of the business – and to understand how all the various parts of AB InBev came together.

The programme covered everything to do with the supply chain – from the procurement of raw materials, the production and packaging of beer, to the logistics of getting it to customers. We were based in a brewery where we were able to put our knowledge into action. Projects were typically focused on specific areas that allowed us to liaise with the shop floor, so we could have an in-depth understanding of the process.

Whether it was microbe tests, bottling challenges or logistical issues, we were given a thorough overview of the business, and we were expected to deliver 110% at all times. The programme is challenging, but we all share the same goal: we want great beer to be produced, we want it delivered on time, and we want a happy customer – all while adhering to our motto, ‘Safety First, Quality Always.’

This programme has given me the training and skills to get me to where I am today. Not long after completing the programme, I became a First Line Manager responsible for all warehouse operations at one of our breweries, leading a team of 15 forklift truck operators, multi-operators, and pilots – delivering approximately 150-200 loads of beer and cider on a daily basis.

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Debora Sonksen,
Supply Management Trainee Programme

Top facts about the Supply Management Trainee Programme

- 6 month programme

- Designed for Engineering, Supply/Logistics or Science graduates

- Learn about brewing, packaging, technical services & logistics, quality control, maintenance and technology development

- You’ll be leading teams in operations upon completion of the programme


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