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Graduates & Interns

Lucka's story

Want to be a leader? You have to be a seller first.

I always say that if you want to become a leader one day, you have to be a seller first. After all, we need to be able to “sell” the brands, the products, our company, and our own skills if we wantto succeed.

The Market Visionaries Programme has a huge emphasis on field sales, and I was working at the frontline of the company with world-famous brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Corona. Starting from day one, I was visiting between 6-8 customers per day, ranging from festival organisers to small bar owners. I was responsible for helping them understand their business objectives, so we could propose new opportunities and negotiate the best deals to stock our beers in their business.

The market is competitive, and so is the Market Visionaries Programme. In order to achieve your sales targets, you have to think and operate like an entrepreneur: you need to find new customers or maintain existing relations, negotiate with businesses, and sell our brands in innovative ways.

The programme was challenging and it taught me a lot about the industry, the market, and our customers. This has given me the skills and perspective to help me advance in my career in sales and marketing. So, if you’re entrepreneurial, competitive, curious, creative and eager to learn, you’ll fit right into the Market Visionaries Programme.

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Lucka Wahba,
Market Visionaries Programme graduate

Top facts about the Market Visionaries Programme

- 18 month programme in field based sales

- For students wanting to pursue a career in sales or marketing

- Opportunities to work closely with our marketing and commercial teams

- You’ll fit in best if you are entrepreneurial and thrive in competitive environments


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