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Graduates & Interns

Thibaut's story

Having a global view of the business is the best foundation for success.

People always ask me what a typical day in the Global Management Trainee Programme looks like. My answer? There is no typical day – every day is different! 

I chose the Global Management Trainee Programme because it’s one of the best traineeships in Europe. I wanted to get a unique insight into how one of the world’s most successful organisations operated, and this programme covered almost everything, from brewery and sales to logistics, supply chain and the business service centre. 

We began the programme in St Louis along with 200 other graduates, where we learned directly from the CEO and senior management. From then on, we had to manage multiple projects across all areas, such as sales assignments where we had to bring in new customers, and supply chain tasks that required us to improve existing processes.

The Global Management Trainee Programme gave me a comprehensive overview of the business and it helped me pinpoint where I wanted to start my career. I believe that it has given me a great foundation for a successful career, so I can have a greater impacton all areas of the business.


Thibaut Ickx,
Global Management Trainee Programme

Top facts about the Global Management Trainee Programme

- 10 month programme

- Learn about the business as a whole

- Global introduction to the programme in St. Louis, U.S.A.

- Working on projects across different areas of the business


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