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Graduates & Interns

Fast Track Leadership Programme storie

Cedric's story

Great ideas only get you to the door, the key is execution.

I started the FTA program as a Collections Specialist for the Belgian market. A first insight on how our operations actually affect the way we can positively impact the behavior of our customers. You really get to feel the living nature of the goods that we produce and sell. It gave me an exciting rush to experience the customers’ experiences of our products. More than that - it led me to choose Logistics as part of my second rotation.

In logistics you are really in the driving seat, getting our products to our customers’ doors. Every day will be different; new questions arising and different challenges to tackle. All elements are present to develop your problem-solving skills, which definitely come in handy for the future. Take responsibility of your scope and shine through excellence!

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Cedric Plettinx,
Transport & Inventory Deployment Leading Expert, Prague. FTA 2016

Top facts about the Fast Track Leadership Programme

- 12 month programme

- Based in Prague or Kharkiv

- Training in logistics and finance

- You’ll be leading teams in operations upon completion of the programme

- You’ll be running projects with visibility to senior management

- You’ll be leading a team upon completion of the programme


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